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Would you be in favour of standardised uniforms?

Would you be in favour of standardised uniforms?

20 April 2021
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Healthcare careers

​The NHS is currently considering implementing standardised uniforms for nursing staff and other healthcare workers.

​There is currently a huge variation in the styles and colours in uniforms used by individual NHS Trusts for different roles and patients have found the lack of clarity around who does what confusing. A survey of the public revealed that 88% of patients think that the same uniforms should be worn nationally with 55% claiming they were unable to easily identify senior members of staff from their uniforms. The 2013 Francis Report recommended that a standardised approach could improve patient safety.

The current option favoured by nurses in recent workshops is a blue “smart scrub tunic”; with pale blue for junior staff moving to dark blue for the most senior. Other professionals such as matrons, specialist nurses and advanced clinical practitioners could use different colours to make them easily identifiable.

Staff working in clinical roles across the health service in England are now being asked to take part in a seven week consultation on the proposals. Take part in the consultation here.

At MSI, we're conducting an unofficial poll to find out what nurses think of this propsal:

Are you in favour of standardised uniforms?
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